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Do You Need a Niche? | Pros & Cons

Before starting your business, you may have come across a word like Niche. But do you even need a niche? That’s what we’re here to find out.

If you already decided on going with a niche but are unsure on how to get one then follow this LINK to an Article that will help you find one.

What is a Niche?

Simply put, A niche is just another word for a specialized topic or topics that are within a subject or category, that are targeted to a group of related demographics. Basically, your topic of specialty.

Who Needs a Niche?

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question because the type of content and the type of style you choose will determine how well you do.

You will find many people that will tell you that you need a niche and that you should niche down. And for the most part I think that is reasonable advice BUT not always the correct one. I believe that whether you need a niche is highly dependent on 3 factors, there are other factors but I think these 3 are the main ones.

  1. The type of content you make
  2. The platform you use
  3. And the audience you are targeting 

And maybe an optional fourth factor and that is your personality or preference. Let me try to break this down.

Going with NO Niche

Typically a person/business that doesn’t have a niche are usually in the Entertainment or Lifestyle category. Most of them will prioritize some or all of these things:

  • They count on their personality to be relatable to others.
  • They tend to invite their audience into their personal lives
  • Does not mind exposure to their personal lives
  • Usually has a large social following before making content
  • Their content is usually based on what’s trending (Doesn’t matter on the category)
  • Their advertisement and marketing seem a bit on the “click-bait” side
  • Their content is easy to understand and does not require much action for their audience
  • Their content is not consistent. They may talk about Health & fitness in one content and then talk about their new phone in another.
  • The Focus of their content is “Themselves”. They, themselves, are the driving focus for their success

PROs | No Niche

  • Freedom to make any content they want
  • Less of a chance to get burn out
  • Easier to create content, usually in the format of vlogs or sit and talk

CONs | No Niche

  • Harder to grow with a small social following
  • Can take longer to grow
  • Harder to target a specific audience
  • Inconsistent viewership
  • Makes it harder for search engines to categories and recommend the content
  • Facts and Details of their content

If you have a Niche

A person who would want is niche if they like structure and focus. Having a niche applies to some if not all categories of content creation. Some things that a person with a niche will prioritize are:

  • Consistency within their category
  • Trends and news in their niche
  • Compartmentalization
  • Targeted audience
  • Focus on a specific subject

PROs of having a niche

  • Creates structure
  • Content planning is manageable for the long term
  • You know your content well
  • More knowledge of your specialty to answer questions and help the community
  • Marketing Strategy is based around targeted audience

CONs of having a niche

  • Stereotype and typecasting
  • Easy to get burned out of the same content
  • May take longer to create content

There are many other specific things that you could add to the pros and cons based on the type of content that you make but these are just a general list of the important ones.

Food For Thought

Here is what I will say. It is definitely harder to grow when you do not have a niche for all of the reasons above. If you are counting on your personality to pull in your audience this may backfire on you. Not trying to be mean but not everyone is going to relate to your views or your personality, not everyone can vibe with each other. But what about Logan Paul, he might just be an exception and I’ve found that there are way fewer “exceptions” when you don’t have a niche.

I decided to niche and niche down because it best fits the type of content that I make. It makes it easier for me to deliver my content to my specific audience. One thing that made me hesitant about choosing a niche is that I have this fear of being held back to only talking about a specific content.

Like most people, I have many interests. And I do want to talk about many other things other than my niche. But there’s always something in the back of head that tells me that when I’m starting out, maybe I shouldn’t, even if I really want to, because it deviates from my brand. Like if my Brand is HVXJeans, it just might be weird if I want to talk about stocks and real estate when my primary niche is a clothing line. Right?

Regardless, I still choose to have a niche. It makes perfect sense for my content. I like structure and planning. I prefer not to chase the “exception”, I rather be part of the equation. I like to know who my audience is and I like to fine tune my marketing strategy to match my content to increase my conversion rate. In essence it’s more structured and easier for me to turn a profit.

Without a niche, I couldn’t tell you the exact personality you have to have for people like you and I couldn’t tell you what the next hot trend is to talk about in the next year but with a niche, I can at least provide a structured way of building your brand and I can definitely make a stronger educated guess based on facts on what you can talk about if there is a niche to talk about.

Thanks for reading to the end. If you want to continue your journey to financial freedom then follow this link to read about Business Names and Availability.

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