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Boost your Business with Facebook Ads | 30 day Results

Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to promote your business or brand on social media. And rightfully so, with more than 2 billions users on it’s platform, it’s hard not to see why but I want to share with you guys my experience with Facebook Ads for a Business Page with no Friends or Followers, completely from scratch.

And what better way to promote your content on Facebook other than using Fakebook’s very own platform to promote itself. This eliminates some outside variables like compatibility. So that’s exactly what I did, I spent $150 dollars on a Facebook Ad campaign to help promote my Facebook business page for 30 days. But did it really help my business grow? That’s what we’re here to find out.

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Here is a post if you want step by step walkthrough to create a Facebook Business page.

Facebook Ad GOALS

While there are my different goals you can set through Facebook ads like get more video views, I wanted to use this Ad to bring awareness to my Brand. Specifically, to bring people to Facebook Business Page so I choose that as my goal.

So I started by clicking the “Promote” button on my Facebook Business Page and it’ll take you to a screen like this:

facebook ad goal

My specific goal for this ad is to:

  1. Get more page LIKES
  2. and more importantly, to gain more FOLLOWERS

So I choose the recommend option to “Promote Your Page” since that matches my goals. Then it’ll take to you the Ad creation page where you’ll be able to make adjustments to your Facebook Ad.

facebook ad promote your page

I will be making a guide on making a proper Facebook Ad guide on this in a different article but I pretty much keep Facebooks default for everything except for he Price, location and duration of the Ad.

But for now let’s head on over to the analytics of the Ad.

Watch the video on other platforms.

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Facebook Ad Insights & Analytics

Just for context. This is a New Business Page then been active for about a month. So I already have 3 page likes and 4 Followers before the Ad was started.

Below are my Facebook Ad insights for 30 days while the ad campaign was running.

  • The ad was running from December 14, 2020 through January 13, 2021
  • $5 a day (Total of approximately $150 during the campaign)
facebook ad performance

Facebook Insights does not do a very good job from separating Organic results from Facebook Ad results, so I just documented the numbers everyday and totaled everything up into the table below.

Remember that I already had 3 Page Likes and 4 Followers prior to the Ad running so I will not be counting them in this comparison.

12/14/20 – 1/13/21Organicfrom Ads
Total Posts Reach2,2522,487
12/14/20 – 1/13/21Organicfrom Ads
Total Page Likes638
12/14/20 – 1/13/21Organicfrom Ads
Total Page Followers542

So curiously enough, the Reach is about equal but whatever Facebook is doing with the Ad, except the Ad gets me more Likes & Followers then my organic growth. My guess is that Facebook is showing my page to a certain demographic that’s more likely to Like & Follow my content. One of the mysteries of their algorithm.

But the reality is I got all of those items for $150, so the cost is different but it’s hard for me to break it down where it would make sense.

But your guess would be as good as mines and obviously if you consider other activities like page clicks and shares then the prices can change but for me, those 3 things are the most important factors that I want from the Ad. If I wanted to promote my videos then this scenario and objectives will definitely be different.

Don’t do what I did…

A couple things that I did, that is NOT recommended when starting a campaign with Facebook Ads:

  1. My business has not matured enough. It’s not recommended to run Ads when your business has not established a decent footprint in its respective niche
  2. This ties in with the first reason. Since my business is so new, I don’t have enough real-world analytics to do proper market research on my niche
  3. I use almost all default settings for everything aspect of my Ad. You should have enough analytics to make a proper Ad to target the right audience

There are a few other reasons why but those are the main points you should consider if you’re new to Ads.

With that said, why did I do it?

facebook ad credits
  1. Facebook gave me $25 worth of ad credit, which was expiring on December 15th. I understand that it’s a marketing strategy but I still wanted to take advantage of it
  2. Testing | By leaving the default settings for a Facebook ad, shows me what Facebook’s algorithm is capable of, at the bare minimum
  3. Setting the baseline for my content and gathering real-time analytics
  4. As a content creator, this gave me the opportunity to create a series of content

The Results | Let’s break down the numbers

So let’s think about this in monetary value. As we saw earlier, I spent $149.36 but I’m just going to round it to $150 for 30 day which is about $5 per day.

Post Reach2,4870.06 each
Likes38$3.93 each
Followers42$3.57 each

In my opinion, these results are VERY BAD but I can’t deny that it’s better than organically growing a new Business Page natively.

But I will be implementing strategies that will potentially take my Ad promotion to another level. I’m hoping to double the results, if not more with the same amount of money so don’t forget to check back to see that article.

Note-worthy Mentions

And Yes, I’m well aware that creating an Ad through Facebook Ad Manager or Business Manager is the best option for a business. But I also wanted to see how the process of creating an Ad natively through a Facebook Business Page. Let’s be honest, the average user is probably going to create an Ad from there and not from one of the Managers BUT with that said it is recommended to do it through the Ads Manager since it has way more features and analytics for your Ads.

While paying for followers and Likes is frowned upon and subject to being banned from the platform if done in a fraudulent way. Paying for Ads directly through Facebook is a valid way to gain engaging and true followers of your brand.

Paying for Likes and followers through a 3rd party service may seem like a good idea at first. Especially when you see the Likes and Followers on your Page skyrocket, this could really hurt you in the long run because data is inaccurate and those “fake” followers are not going to be engaging your brand which will lead to no sales or whatever it is that you are going for.

What to take away from this

Yes, I’ve seen the strategies and yes, I’ve seen the recommendations to properly implement a Facebook Ad but I’m a firm believer that experience is the best teacher. And in my humble opinion, nothing beats real-world and real-time analytics of your exact content, instead of using someone else’s analytics.

By learning from these mistakes, I can know what not to do for next time and find ways to improve. But now I have a baseline to work with so provide validity for the future Facebook Ads.

Here are some other analytics from my Facebook Ad campaign that I’ll be using as demographic and market research to fine tune my next Ad campaign.

facebook ad audience demographics

You can see that most of my audience are between the ages of 25 to 54 so I’m not going to waste my Ad money on people who are under or over that threshold, that way it’ll reach people who will be engaged in my content. And you can see that most if not all of my audience is viewing my page on a mobile device so next time I’m going to want to make my Ad more optimized for a better mobile experience.

And I’m based in the States so I probably won’t change too much there except I might target people in the larger states to increase my conversion but I’m fine just by leaving it broad in the United States but obvious if you content is universal then you might want to consider doing some market research on where is the best places to advertise.

And that’s what I want you guys to take from this. But here are some tips if you are in my shoes.

  1. Make friends and invite them to follow you. Which was one thing that I didn’t do because I wanted to test how organic the Ad was and the fact that I don’t have any friends. This is by far the easiest way to grow your Business Page for free and since they know you, they are more inclined to engage with your content, Trust is the key here.
  2. Use market research tools like Google Trends to help you determine what your audience is looking for and what demographic is interested in it.

Once again, I will be doing a follow up on Facebook Ads with strategies that I’ve learned from this and other sources. I also promoted my YouTube Channel with Google Ads so if your interested in the results, CLICK HERE.

And if you want to follow my Journey to Financial Freedom. I have documented analytics and strategies I used to go my business. You can see my monthly reports here, under BUSINESS UPDATES.

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