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Best way to Setup a Facebook Business Page in 2020

What is a Facebook Business Page? A Facebook Business Page allows you to create a online presence for your business, similar to having your own website and it’s completely FREE.

Why make a Facebook Business account? With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is a great free way to advertise your business. There are three main reasons why you want a business page:

  • Support a digital storefront for your business
  • Connect with customers and people interested in your business
  • Unlock business tools and advertising opportunities to grow your presence and reach your goals

To create a Facebook Business Page you first need a personal profile. One of first thought in my head was, “I want to keep my person profile separate from my Business page”. The great thing about creating a business page is that it is NOT affiliate with your personal profile. Your information from your personal profile will not be publicly shown on your Business page but you can post on your Business page as your personal profile if you want to, by default your post will be shown as your Business name.

Facebook requires you to create the Business page through your personal page because a Business page needs an admin account associated with it and if you are the creator then you are also the administrator of that page.

Getting Started with Facebook business page

To get started you can just click the link below or copy the link and paste in your browser.


Once you are on that page it will either go directly to the Business page creation or ask you to log into your account. If it’s the latter then once you’ve logged in you can just go to the “+” in the upper right corner and select “Page” and it will take you to the page creation.

Create Facebook Business Page

Now that you are at the creation page you are going to want to enter all your info. It’s pretty explanatory but let’s go through each one.

Facebook Business Page
  • Page name
    • This could be the name of your business, a name that explains what the business is about like a catch phrase or a combination of both. An example would be “BeautiPlus Glamour Products” or just the name is fine.
  • Category
    • This is important because it helps the Facebook algorithm. You are allowed to have Three categories to help label your business . You want to chose the ones that best the type of your business. Here is a LINK to all the categories to help you choose.
  • Description
    • You are allowed 255 letters here. You can describe what your business is all about or a better way is to put your Sales pitch here. This the structure I’d like to use.
      • What is your Business?
      • What does your Business offers?
      • How does your Business help or solves the issues?
Facebook Business Page

Once your done entering that information then click on Create Page and your business page will be created.

Facebook Profile & Cover Pictures

Once the page has been created then you should be able to scroll down on the same page that you’ll be editing and add images for your Facebook Profile picture and your cover photo. It will say it’s optional but for me this is mandatory if you want people to engage on your business page because without these it does make your business look not legitimate. So go ahead and click on Add picture for both of those fields and it should pull up your Photos or a directory of where you store your photos to choose from.

Facebook Business Page

By now if you hadn’t notice but as you’re creating your page you should see it update in real-time on the center panel there so you can make any adjustments on the spot. Once your done adding your pictures for your profile and cover then go ahead and click Save

Managing your Page

It will then take you to page to manage. The very first thing you want to take notice is that you have a Notification. If you select that then you’ll see that you have been added as an admin for your business.

You can also add a Button on your page. This will help give your page a call to action function. You can customize that button to do a variety of things like follow your page, link to your website, contact you and so much more. I recommend that you take full advantage of that button.

You’ll also see a section where you can Invite your Friends to Like Your Page. Keep in mind that when you are inviting your friends, it’s not the business page account that’s doing the invite, it’s your personal account that’s visible and inviting. Facebook does not allow Business page accounts to reach out to private or personal accounts unless they interacted with you first. This is to deter Business accounts to randomly spam personal accounts for advertisement. But if you don’t mind the exposure then this is a great way to get an audience for your business when you are just starting out.

A couple things you are going to want to do here. If you scroll down a bit on your left menu you’ll see “Edit Page Info”. You WANT to fill in as many possible. The more information you fill in about your business the more likely the algorithm is going to refer you to the right audience. The information will autosave as you go through each field to enter your information. Also at the bottom at the page you can add other accounts to your About Info page such as your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Once your done there go over to left panel again and select Settings. This section is going to look slightly overwhelming but it’s not as bad as it looks. Basically, when you created your page most if not all of these setting are all set at default so you really don’t need to do anything and your page is UP and running. So I’m not going to cover every line in the setting but I recommend that you take the time to browse through the setting to see what you can change to fit your business needs. But there are some important things I want to point out.

Facebook Business Page
  • Messaging
    • It’s noteworthy to setup an auto-responses. Something short and simple to let your audience know that their message ahs been received and we’ll get back as soon as we can OR better yet if you have a website or video platform form then you can use this feature to point them into the right direction.
  • Template and Tabs
    • Here you can choose some predefined templates for your page like Business, Shopping, Video, etc. And it will change your pages layout to best match the template that you chose. You can also decide what Tabs show on your page as well, just keep in mind that not all the tabs are able to be adjusted and it will also depend on which template you used as well. It’s a convent feature to have.
  • Page Roles
    • If you ever wanted someone else to have access to your business page to manage or make adjustments on your behalf then this is where you would do it. There are currently 5 different roles and depending on which role you assign the user then it will depend on what they can do on your business page.

Creating your Posts & Commenting

When you are on your Business Page your post will be created as your Business account as expected. You can only make post or comments as your Business account on other Business pages or accounts that are made Public. So you want be able to just go to any personal accounts and make post or comments as your Business account. You would need to use your personal account to make the post. An easy way to see this if you go to a page that is public then when you try to make a comment there will be a dropdown for you to choose to post from either your personal account or business account like this:

Otherwise you will not see a dropdown.

No Dropdown to choose who to comment as

That pretty much gets your Facebook Business Page up and running. Here are some relevant information if you need more info regarding some of the settings.




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