business updates february
Business Updates

February 2021 Business Updates

Another month past and Business updates are on the way. February was a decent month but unfortunately I did not hit the goals that I set. Let’s see what I’ve added and change.

Business Update Website stats

Unfortunately I ran into some issues with Google Analytics and I was not able to track about a weeks worth of traffic during the month but here’s what I got from the website stats.

  • 38 Published post
  • 28 Drafts
business updates february website analytics

You can see there’s no data recorded during February 13th to February 21st. that was when updates were happening on the host side at the same time as the plugin updates and data/tag tracking was broken.

I was able to get my analytics but it took me some time to get it running again.

Over-all, I was not too impressed with the results since I was expecting triple digits. Bounce rate is looking pretty good though.

Video Platform Results

These are stats ONLY from February. It was a short month so I was only able to get 5 videos uploaded compared the my standard 6 videos per month.

I did start to add the same videos that I used for YouTube and Facebook to other video platforms as well. Although it was pretty late in the month so the stats aren’t going to be that great on the newer platforms but here they are:

PlatformFollowersViewsReachWatch Time
YouTube43635,80024.4 hrs
Facebook85332,53113.8 hrs
(828 mins)
Dailymotion120N/A1.9 hrs
BitChute *new*137N/AN/A
IGTV *new*210N/AN/A

IGTV and BitChute were added to the video platforms that I planned on uploading my videos to very late in the month of February so I haven’t uploaded all my content on them yet.

By the end of March I should have all the videos uploaded to the new channels so expect the next Business Update will truly reflect the actual numbers.

Summary of Business Updates

Overall I’ve seen only a slight growth to the website this month. However I’m starting to gain momentum on the video platforms especially on YouTube.

Even though gain less subscribers this month than I did in the previous month on YouTube, I did double the amount of views and Watch time, which is very exciting to see.

Not much has changed with Facebook. I did end up getting less followers/views/reach but I did get more watch time. The results are about the same as last month, which is not bad by any means.

I was slightly surprised at LRBY/Odysee. I was able to get double the amount of followers and views but it’s still doesn’t compare to the other major video platforms.

I’ve only been uploading to BitChute for a little over a week and it’s looking really good. I am totally looking forward to see the complete results once I upload my other videos.

Too soon to tell with IGTV but Dailymotion has been a complete letdown compared to the other platforms that I uploaded videos on at the same time as this platform.

Moving Forward

I have been making Pins on Pinterest but I haven’t really been able to get a routine worked out to keep the content flowing. Once I’m able to get a system going, I will update the results here as well.

The same thing with Instagram. I just haven’t been able to get into the groove of consistently make content for the platform that doesn’t effect my creation rate on my Main platforms.

I’m starting to think I may be spreading myself too thin and not having enough time to proactively grow my content. I will have to make adjustments.

See more Analytics for other Business Updates.

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