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6 Ways to Create a Business Name and Verify Availability

Now that we have determined our niche, let’s see how we can create a business name and most importantly the business availability. But if you haven’t yet then go check out the article on finding your Niche.

Ways to create a Business Name

Some of these methods to create a name are also relate to the ways you represent your business.

  1. Use your name
    • This method has become more and more popular these days. It’s a trend where you Brand yourself to make your business seem more personable to the general audience. It’s a very viable option for YouTube and Blogs.
  2. Use descriptive words that describes your content
    • You’ll see this more commonly used with brick and mortar businesses but it can still be used for online presence as well like PC Magazine or the Weather channel. It’s hard to misinterpret what these businesses do based on just their name alone
  3. Use acronyms & abbreviations
    • You can combine or abbreviate words to create a name. Some popular companies also do this like KFC, CVS, and AT&T. This can sometimes be useful for a few things, helps keep your name short and easy to remember and sometimes it can be used if your name is already taken then you can try to used an acronym of the word you want and see if it works for you
  4. Create a new word or combine words
    • Sometimes getting a name that you want may prove to be difficult and another good way to create a name is to combine words that don’t normally go together for example, Facebook
  5. Used the same word but it other languages
    • Using popular words in different languages as a business name has become more popular lately. Something on the lines of the word like Viva, in Spanish or Italian, it means an expression of approval or excitement
  6. Mix and match the methods above to create a new idea
    • For instance I’ve combined methods 2 & 3 to create my name. I used an acronym from my name which is HVX and then I used FOCUS as the descriptive word for my business. So how I translate it is “My Focus”. Could I have made it more intuitive? Sure, of course I could have, but I find this way to work best for me and my audience so. It’s viable method for you to use.

And there are probably a few other ways out there that you can help you determine a name but to be honest with you, these should be enough ways to help you be creative enough to find your own name.

If you need more help to come with more ideas then use these free business name generators to help you decide.

These generators basically work the same way, you put in a key term and it will give you a bunch of suggestions based on your term. Business name generators can really help you come up with a unique name.

Check if you business name is available

What good is a business name if it’s already taken? So let’s go and verify if the name you choose is being used anywhere. Please check out the video if you want to see the step by step demonstration.

You may want to consider paying a company like Legal Zoom to verify everything for you but that’s up to you to decide. If you want to be sure of all the legality of the process or want more information to protect your assets then you can always use a service like Legal Zoom that’ll help you with all the details as well.

You can also take this a step further, which I recommend that you do, is to log into each platform that you want to use individually and use these same steps to verify your name. And if you want to get ever further than that then you can pay for a service that checks everything for you including all the legalities of it if you really want to protect any assets you may have. I haven’t done it to that depth so far so I can’t recommend any but I just wanted you to know that those types of services do exist. 

If it is taken we are going to have to decide whether we want to use that platform or if we want to make some adjustments to the name to be different from the name that is already taken. I like to have the same name on all of our platforms but that’s just my personal preference because I like to keep the business uniformed across all platforms to make it easier for our audience to find us.

Some of these platforms have a Business account that you can make so you need to decide whether or not you want to involve your personal stuff with your Business. Whenever we get that option then we’ll choose the business variant instead of our personal account because most Business accounts have extra features to help advertise your business but it is your choice. Here are some platforms that offer business counterparts to their personal accounts.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Creating and Managing Email accounts (OPTIONAL)

Now it’s time to do some housekeeping. We are going to create some accounts and emails to help manage our business. This is completely optional but for me it’s pretty much required since it makes it way easier and safer to manage all your accounts that you will be creating.

If we take a look at here we can see that I decided to separate the business into 3 different sections. We have the main one which not only is the account that we will use to create the business but it’s also the gmail account that we’ll use to register with the video platforms that we plan on using. Second, we have the Social Media email where I will be using to register all my social media accounts with and then we have the Affiliate Marketing email which I’ll use to register with all the affiliates that we plan on using. 

So when an email comes in it won’t all go into one email which makes it incredibly hard to manage, instead it will go to the appropriate email of it’s category. Also you can see that I have a Business Email from the hosting service as well and that will be used for anything that directly comes from our email marketing campaign or if someone wants to contact us through the website form.

However, if your hosting service provides you with multiple business email accounts you could also do it this way. Instead of having all your accounts be registered as a .gmail account you could register each account with your business email account like this to make it look more official. I choose not to do it this way since I don’t think there’s a need for it but I just wanted you to know that that is an option for you.

Now that we checked the availability of our Business name and we are satisfied with the results we need to create a gmail account since it’s required for some of the things we are planning to do. If you already have email(s) that you want to use, you can certainly do that but I want to have different emails for different things because it makes it much easier to manage than having everything going to one email but it’s not a requirement, it’s just my preference. So let’s go ahead and do that. 

We’re going to use Google Gmail and we’re going to create three separate ones.

  • One for our Social Media(s)
  • One for Affiliate Marketing
  • One for Video platforms | Youtube, Adsense & Dailymotion

I try to use my business name in some variation so it makes it easier for me to check which email for what purpose. For instance I might make emails like this [business name]Affiliates, [business name]Social and [business name]Vids.

If you don’t know this already. Windows Outlook on your computer allows you to access all your emails from one place. But just in case you don’t know, we’ll go ahead and add them so you can see how this works. You can also do this on your android mobile devices with the Gmail App and you can do the same thing on your MAC if you have one. Using this will make your life much easier.

Thanks for Reading! I hope to see you on the rest of the Journey!

Now let move on to the next part of our journey. Creating our Brand.