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How to Choose a Web Hosting Service that’s right for you 2021

What is a Web hosting service?

Simply put, it’s a service that allows you to put your content on the providers equipment (mainly servers) and your content can be accessed on the internet amongst a variety of other connection methods but you get the idea.

This is the continuation of my tutorial on What is a Domain Name. If you haven’t seen that yet then I recommend you take a look at too because with both of these Articles you’ll be armed with enough information to make a solid purchase decision for your Online Business.

Types of Web Hosting

To be able to make the best purchase decision for a web hosting service, you first need to understand the types of services that are available to you. There are many types of web hosting services out there and we are going to look at a few to help you decide on what works best for you.

The List is ordered from the less expensive to the most expensive options. This is just a general reference, prices will vary from each web hosting provider.


The most common and probably the cheapest in cost is Shared Hosting. And it’s exactly as the name implies, your website will share the same server resources as other subscribers that are using the same service. And this is a reason why shared hosting can be cost effective because multiple people are paying for the same equipment. Which makes this a great option for those who are just starting out and don’t require a lot of server resources and it’s really affordable.


Then you have VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting. It’s similar to shared hosting in that you are still sharing the same server resources in most cases but the difference is that certain resources are only available to you and no one else unlike shared hosting where it dynamically gives a User more resources than another User based on need. So for instance, VPS hosting creates individual space within the same server that can only be used by a certain User.


A newer addition to web hosting for the average consumer is Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting combines multiple compute units, mainly servers into one package to host your website. In essence Cloud Hosting is kind of like shared hosting in that multiple users are using the same group of server resources. The biggest benefit of Cloud Hosting is that you are not limited to resources in one server. From an expandability and scaling view, this is an attractive option because you can instantly pay for more resources as your business grows but this option is usually not cheap, depending on the resource allocation.


And you also have Managed Hosting. You are essentially paying for a web hosting package solution that not only includes the server rental but it may include services like server maintenance, updates and patches, applications and the list goes on and on. It just depends on the service provider package that you choose. A popular package would be WordPress Hosting.


There is also Dedicated Hosting. You are basically paying to use the whole server. So all the server resources will be yours to use. You don’t have to worry about not having enough resources because someone else is using it. This service usually gives you the best control over the server and you usually will have access to root and admin privileges. This will usually be more expensive compared to Shared and VPS hosting services.


This is not common amongst the average consumer but you could also rent space in a datacenter if you have your own servers. The Data center will provide all the cooling, power, and racks you’ll need but you have to provide the servers. Whatever you do to your servers is all on you. From setting up your servers to configurations. This is not advisable when you are first starting out and this is really not something most people or small businesses would need but it is an option.

This option does require you to have an expert level of server understanding and configuration, at the very least you would need to hire an expert in the subject matter to maintain this level of service.

Which Web Hosting type is right for you?

This area is pretty subjective. It can depend on the type of content or business you want to run but here is a general breakdown of each type and the audience it’s meant for.

Just a quick note. The prices you’ll see on this section are referenced from “intro prices” for first time sign ups and they are usually for the longest term, which you would need to pay upfront. The term for the best price is usually 24-months (2 Years) or 36-month (3 years).

  • Shared Web Hosting
    • Good for Beginners, Blogs and simple websites
    • Very Inexpensive. Prices can start at $1.99 per month but expect to pay around 5.99 per month for a reputable provider
    • Some providers have plans that are good for small business up to small-Medium
  • VPS Hosting
    • Good for small business or a business that is already established to medium size services
    • Fair prices. Prices start at $3.95 a month. Reputable provider usually charge at least $9.95 per month but there is no price cap since providers can scale this service to Large Business levels
  • Cloud Hosting
    • Good for small business to medium that expects scalable growth
    • Fair Pricing. Prices also start around $3.95 a month. You may find it for slightly cheaper than VPS depending on when you look but it generally cost around $9.95 per month
    • Depending on the Infrastructure of the Cloud service the provider is using, it can cost significantly more
  • Managed Hosting
    • Good for people who are just not tech savvy and wants the “hands-off” approach by letting the professionals to take care of the server
    • Managed services will vary between the providers and the services in the package but generally it can start around $29.95 per month all the way up into the hundreds
    • Managed Hosting is offered between all Web Hosting types and can even cost more than Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
    • Good for Medium to Large Business the need some access to the server and does not want to share server resources
    • Expensive. Prices start around $79.95 a month. You would typically pay around $120 per month
  • Rent Data Center Space (Colocation)
    • If have your own equipment and need safe place to run your server
    • Extremely expensive. Not only do you need to buy your own servers but you have to rent space in the data center. Prices can start at $50 but the real starting price is usually in the hundreds and can scale into the thousands very easily

Just a reminder that these prices are introductory prices and renewal rate can cost 4 times as much, so do be careful as you’re making a decision on web hosting. I can’t stress this enough.

Obviously I can’t tell you exactly which service to pick, because I am not you and I don’t know the type of business you run. But this should point you in the right direction of which type of web hosting service you should choose.

Which Web Hosting Provider should you choose for each type?

Here are some providers for each type of web hosting services. Most web hosting providers will offer multiple types of hosting services and that’s why you’ll see the same provider under multiple types.

These are just some notable providers that you can use but pricing, policies and services are always changing so make sure that you thoroughly look over their services before committing to a provider.

TIPS on Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Here are some tips on choosing a Hosting service provider. And this is a general breakdown on how I determine what web hosting service and provider I should use.

  1. Budget 
    • We all want the best service money can buy but that’s not always reasonable. What good is looking for a service that you can’t afford, this could stifle your business if budgeting is not properly allocated.
  2. Determine Business Type & Size 
    • Once you figured out your budget, you need to determine what you are using Hosting for? Is it for a personal Blog, a startup business or an established business?
  3. Determine the Hosting Service type
    • Now that you have a monthly budget and your business type you can narrow down the type of web hosting type best fits your criteria
  4. Determine the Web Hosting Company
    • This is probably the hardest part of the process. And frankly I can’t tell you exactly which company is best for you. I’m going to be real with you guys here. I can only recommend companies that I’ve used and had success with. Just because a hosting service works well for me doesn’t necessarily mean it will work just as well for you. There are just tons of factors that go into it from the type of website that you build, the plugins that you used, even the location and the list goes on and on.
Here’s Practical Example

You can always check out my video in this article if you want a walkthrough of this example.

Let’s first say I have a budget of $20 per month for Website expenses. If you’ve read my article on Domain Names then you’ll know that I normally spend around $12 a year on a Domain Name and about another $1 a month for Privacy Protection. Which, I’m a big fan of NameCheap. You don’t have to pay for Privacy Protection because it’s included for free with a Domain purchase.

Shared Hosting with Namecheap
web hosting practical example

Since this is for a new business I will be choosing from Shared, VPS or Cloud web hosting services. And I’m just going to give some generic averages prices for them. We’ll say, Shared hosting cost $5 per month, VPS cost $10 per month and Cloud hosting cost $18 per month.

It goes without saying if that if you went with Cloud hosting, you budget would be spent but if you choose VPS hosting then you be left with $8 dollars that you can use to get YOAST SEO premium to help your site get Ranked on search engines.

If you went with Shared hosting then you could get Yoast Premium and WP Rocket to Optimize and Speed up your website to increase engagement and conversion, which could help increase your revenue.


Links on this page may be affiliate links, that are Free to use and will cost you nothing to use them. If you decide to make a purchase, I do receive compensation that really helps support my content so Thanks in Advance.

Conclusion & Discounts

Even though companies will offer the same type of web hosting service doesn’t mean that the quality will be the same. You should research each company’s reputation and services. I highly recommend that you read some independent reviews from reputable sources before making your decision. With that said these are my personal recommendations for each type.

You can find some excellent deals if you sign up during the holidays. You also can find deeper discounts on intro prices, I’ve seen up to 25% off the already discounted intro prices, which makes it a steal if you plan on using a higher tier service.

And as a side note. Some web hosting providers also let you purchase your Domain Name with your hosting service in a bundle and sometimes it can be FREE of charge but be sure to read the terms because it may sound like a great deal but it may cost you a lot more when it comes time to renew.

You can purchase the Domain separately and you can transfer the Domain Name if you wanted to but for the sake of convivence it’s a viable option to bundle the Domain name with the Hosting service.

You can also use Rakuten to get even further discounts on your service. Just make sure you activate it before making a purchase. See my RAKUTEN Review HERE.

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