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How to connect Facebook Business Page to Instagram Business account 2020

Crank up your efficiency by connecting your Facebook Business page to your Instagram account to be able to post on both platforms in just one CLICK! Follow me and I’m going to show you how.

In order for this to work you need to have a Facebook Business page. It’s not going to work on a personal profile but it’s very easy to do. You can check out my post on how to set it up HERE and if you want to learn how to set up an Instagram Business account you can learn to set it up HERE.

Limitations of connecting a Facebook Business Page

There are also currently some limitations and I do hope that they decide to add more features in the future but here they are:

  • You can’t cross platform post from your Facebook app. You can only post from the Facebook Business page from your computer browser if you want it to also post the same content to your linked Instagram account.
  • You can not simultaneously delete a post on both platforms at once. You can only delete the post in each individual platform.
  • Facebook will only allow you to post to Instagram if the image is in the correct format. The aspect ratio of the image needs to be in the rage of 4:5 to 1.91:1.

How to connect both platforms

Linking both accounts is very easy. Let me walk you through it. First lets talk a look at your Facebook Business Page.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

You need to go Business page and go down to Settings. Once your there you want to go down to Instagram then you want to click on Connect Account.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

A pop up with appear and it’s gonna to ask you to log into the Instagram account you want to connect to. Once that’s done you will see your Instagram profile details on that Facebook screen.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

Then you want to head on over to your Instagram account and go into your Settings, select Accounts and select Linked Accounts. Any active linked accounts you have will be lit up in Blue.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

If its not then go ahead and select the account you want to link. In our case you want to select Facebook. No Instagram wants you to log into your Facebook account. This will be your admin account of your Facebook Business page. It’s most likely going to be your personal account. It will then ask you if you want to turn on Facebook sharing, you want to say yes if you want to be able to post on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. This will also allow Instagram to share your Stories to Facebook as well. You can always changed these options in the Linked Account settings at anytime.

How to Post from Instagram

Now you can post on just one platform and it’ll post it on the other one as well.


Connect Facebook and Instagram

So now lets go over to your Facebook Business page to see how the post looks over there.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

How to Post from Facebook Business page

Posting from your Facebook Business page is a little different. So before this update you were able select the Instagram option just below the post options but it’s changed since then. Now you have to go into your publishing tools.

Once you’re in the Pushing Tools page, you can create your post here. This is what it looks like after you click on Create Post.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

Now if you look under the Placement section, you can see the option to post on your Business page and Instagram account by placing a checkmark on the corresponding platform. Now you just add in pictures and test like you normally would and click on Publish.

You may run into this problem.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

As we talked about this issue in the Limitations sections. I just wanted to show you what this looks like. If you put in an image that does not meet Instagram’s correct aspect ratio it will not let you post it. You have two options either remove the image or not post to Instagram and it will still post on Facebook. The alternative is to crop the picture to the correct format before trying to post it.

If you are used to using the previous version of the editor then you can still use it, although it’s still accessed through the Publisher page but just wanted to give you the option if you so choose.

Connect Facebook and Instagram

Considerations and Caveats

A couple of caveats I do want to point out. This system is far from perfect but if you just want to post some general pictures this for the most part is fine but some images you post on Instagram just does not look good when you see it on Facebook so keep that in mind.

Some text placement also don’t look very nice in certain platforms. For instance, if you utilized a lot of hashtags in your Instagram post, on Facebook it just looks like spam and sometimes the spacing also looks out of place. Frankly, there are some 3rd party apps that have a more streamline process.


The obvious reason why this is valuable is because it can really save time if you do a lot of posting on platforms. So for the general user this is a great feature and certain types of business can really benefit from this.

I do find myself using this feature less then I did when I initially used it. For me it seems like I’m posting the same thing over and over again, my audience started to realize it too. That gave my audience less of a reason to follow me on all of my platforms if they feel I am just posting the same content on all my platforms anyway. If that’s the case, what reason would they need to follow me on all my platforms if they can get the same content in just one?

After awhile I did stop using it because I started to find myself going over to either Facebook or Instagram individually to make changes anyway. So now I rarely cross post unless it’s just an general update.

Overall, good concept but not ideal for all situations.

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