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December Business Update 2020

Business Update. It’s the end of 2020 and it has been a difficult year for the world. It’s been about 2 and a half months since this business has been live. Let’s look at how the business has been performing.

A couple of new things I added to my business repertoire.

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook Business
    • Instagram Business
    • Pinterest Business
  • I also started running PAID Ads on Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Ads
  • I also monetized my website by applying Google AdSense to the website.
  • Started a Patreon Page

Check back to see my other Articles that will deep dive into the statistics of all the new stuff above.

Business Update Website Analytics

The websitehvxfocus.com ) has currently:

  • 26 Published articles
  • 14 Drafted articles that are not yet post
  • 5 Articles still being constructed

There has been some organic growth which is pretty exciting to see and a bit of a relief to see some kind of results that confirms that I’m doing the right thing to grow my business.

Website Google Analytics business update

I’m seeing about double the growth since last months update which is reassuring. I’m hoping to see double digit gains in the next month as well. Wish me Luck!

Google AdSense Analytics

Google Adsense December Business Update hvxfocus.com

I started running Google AdSense on my website on December 18, 2020 so I didn’t really get a whole months of data but you can at least see what data we have for about the last 2 weeks of the month. Nothing impressive, I made a few dollars but it’s a good start.

YouTube Account Analytics

HvX Focus YouTube Channel

Videos Posted in December Business Update

youtube posted videos business update


Youtube views business update


youtube reach business update


youtube engagement business update

Current Status:

  • 12-13 Uploaded Videos
  • 6 subscribers ( 4 subscribers gained in December )
  • 155 views in December
  • (780 mins) 13 hours of watched time during December
  • 1900 impressions in December

I’m also seeing 50% growth overall, it’s not bad results considering it’s still early in the business. But the Impression versus actually views is not good at only 4.9%, I need to figure out how to get it up to 20% to be considered decent.

Facebook Business Page Analytics

Facebook Business Page

Page Insights

facebook insights business update

Video Views

facebook video views business update

Facebook on the other hand has been extremely impressive. I’m seeing 1000% growth in regards to channel follows and Page likes.

And I’m getting 5x the watch time as the previous month but I will emphasis that I am running Facebook Ads to promote my site but here’s the thing, I am also running Google Ads to promote my YouTube channel and Facebook Ads seem to yield better results.

I’ll have the comparison on both of the Ads soon so do check back to see the results.

DailyMotion HQ Partner Analytics

Dailymotion Channel

dailymotion business update

Even though, I’m seeing double the views but there has been no increase of follows. I do find it much, much harder to gain follows and views in Dailymotion.

LBRY/Odysee Analytics

Odysee Channel & LBRY.tv Channel

odysee business update

Once again I’m seeing the same results on Odysee as well. Also double the stats. It goes without saying that it does compare to the growth I’ve seen on Facebook or YouTube.


The percentages and number of growth sounds like it a large increase but the reality is, it’s not that big of a deal yet. It’s easy to say that I doubled my growth when I only have like 20 views versus 40 views but it’s still exciting to see.

Even though I’m not seeing much results with Dailymotion or Odysee/LBRY, I will still continue to upload on those platforms since it really does not take much time at all since I’m essentially using the same video I use for my other platforms but I do modify it to cater to the audience for each platform.

I have not been able to Monetize my video platforms yet but I have at least been able to run ads on my website.

Thanks for reading my Business Updates.

Here are some previous Business Updates if you want to compare and follow along my Journey.

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