HvX Business Update November
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November 2020 Business Update

It’s been about a month and a half since my business has gone live and 1 month since I started uploading videos. I just want to give you guys a quick update of what I’ve been doing to grow my business and the analytics.

Business Website Analytics

Google Analytics HvXFocus November

The website ( hvxfocus.com ) has currently:

  • 19 Published Articles
  • 9 Articles Completed but not yet posted
  • 6 Articles still being worked on

For the most part, the results are under-whelming. I did see a spike at the beginning of November but it began to tamper off by the second week. With only 19 published articles I did not have high expectations but when I get 30 articles or more published I can expect to show more relevant data and results.

I currently have 8 Videos published and 2 videos are currently being finalized. So here the performance results of the video platforms that I am uploading the videos on.

YouTube Business Account Analytics

HvX Focus YouTube Channel

YouTube Analytics HvXFocus November

YouTube Video Reach

YouTube Reach HvXFocus November

YouTube Engagement

YouTube Engagement HvXFocus November

Currently uploaded 8 videos on YouTube in the month of November. I tried to upload a video ever 3 to 4 days. I currently have:

  • 3 Subscribers
  • 431 minutes of watched time
  • with a Reach of 367 impressions

So out of 367 times YouTube has shown may videos to people only 48 of those times where views which is about 13% of those people who saw my content decided to watch.

Facebook Business Page Analytics

HvX Focus FaceBook Page

Facebook Insights HvXFocus November

Facebook Video Performance

Facebook Video Insights HvXFocus November

I also edited and upload the same videos on Facebook as I did with YouTube And here are the results.

  • 182 x 1 Minute views and 361 x 3 second views = 188 minutes
  • with a Reach of 814

So out of 814 reached only 77 interacted with my videos which is about 9% decided to interact with my videos. YouTube is currently doing better as far as percentage of people watching and amount of time watched but Facebook does a better job of promoting my content.

Daily Motion HQ Partner Video Analytics

HvX Focus Dailymotion Channel

Dailymotion Analytics HvXFocus November

Not much to say about Dailymotion. With the same amount of videos that I uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. I got far less interaction for the same content. With only 22 views and 98 minutes of views.

LBRY/Odysee Analytics

HvX Focus | LBRY channel

HvX Focus | Odysee channel

LBRY-Odysee Analytics November

And here is the dark horse of the video platforms. I also uploaded the same content to LBRY/Odysee and it is almost not worth it. Now I will say that LBRY is a very new platform compared to the others and their is so much lacking as far a video sharing platform but I was only able to get about 11 views and they don’t have analytics so I can’t show you guys.

Conclusion & Things to come

For the most part all of my views are completely organic meaning I haven’t paid for any services that will help boost visibility which I will do in the near future.

I have not yet started my social media promotion strategy yet but I expect the content to grow exponentially when I do but I first need to create more content to create substance to promote. So look forward to the 2021 update!

It might look as if some of these platform are just not worth it but it’s too early to determine that so I’ll experiment some more as I get more data after start my promotion strategy.

So Stay Tuned!

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