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iPage Hosting Review 2020 | Is it right for you?

iPage has been around for over two decades and their business model has definitely change throughout the years. Let’s revisit this hosting service and see if it’s still relevant in 2020 and beyond.

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I’ve tested iPage‘s service in two ways. First we made an a account that has a very generic blog site with 3 pages, a picture grid and text similar to a personal blog. Second, I created a fairly complete site with 10 pages that includes tables, articles and ads to simulate a average website.

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New User Interface

You would be out of luck if you are planning to use cPanel for iPage because they don’t use it, instead they have their own custom UI called vDeck that they have changed to in 2020. Take a look at it below.

iPage UI

It’s not the cPanel but it is an improvement since that last iteration of it’s UI.

iPage UI

The interface is user friendly and it does look more modern but I still believe cPanel offers a bit more ease of functionality but overall it IS an improvement since the last update.


Let’s talk about what iPage offers. At the time of writing, iPage has 3 plans. A “one size fits all” shared hosting plan and two WordPress hosting plans: WP Starter and WP Essentials.

Go PlanWP StarterWP Essential
Unlimited websites1 websiteUnlimited websites
Free SSL certificateFree SSL certificateFree SSL certificate
Free Domain 1st yrFree Domain 1st yrFree Domain 1st yr
Unlimited storageUnlimited storageUnlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
Paid addonPaid addonAuto malware removal
Paid addonPaid addonSiteLock security

Alright before we even talk about the prices lets just say that “Unlimited” is NOT unlimited. There’s is always some kind of stipulation in the terms of service that you can read HERE. But during testing I didn’t seem to have an issue with the limitations because I could not simulate the bandwidth, storage & websites of increased volume over a extended period of time.

With regular usage as a “newly” built website I had no issues with the limitations but I can see this may cause a problem as the business begins to grow over a longer period of time.

Pricing Plans

Here are the introductory or promotional prices. They also have periodic promotions that can go as low as 0.99 cents a month for the 36 month plans.

Go PlanWP StarterWP Essential
12 month$2.99/mo$3.75/mo$6.95/mo
24 month$2.49/mo$3.75/mo$6.95/mo
36 month$1.99/mo$3.75/mo$6.95/mo

Renewal Prices

And here are the Renewal prices if you want to continue to use their services after the introductory or promotional period expires.

Go PlanWP StarterWP Essential
12 month$9.99/mo$9.49/mo$12.49/mo
24 month$8.99/mo$8.49/mo$11.49/mo
36 month$7.99/mo$7.49/mo$10.49/mo


I’m not going to go into every line of the test but here are the results.

Simple BlogAverage Website
average Uptime99.93%99.84%
average Load time1.9 seconds3.7 seconds
Server LocationU.S.U.S.

I also made sure that all my images have been optimized and compressed for each website and I also used plugins to further optimized each site.

Customer Service

I also did a test with their customer service and technical support. When it comes to fairly easy issues, their chat support was adequate, a little slow but they were able to resolve the issues within a reasonable time of about 30 to 60 minutes. When it comes to more technical issues with backend databases it could take them up to 24 hours to fix the issues with multiple support agent transfers. That was my experience but your mileage may vary.


+ Price. You can’t deny that the price per feature is very attractiveRenewal. Their renewal prices are higher than some better performing competitors, including their domain renewals
+ UI. The interface looks updated and user friendlyCustomer Service. If you are having difficult issues, it takes them awhile to resolve it even if you buy Premium support
Upsells. It seems a lot of their issues are resolved by paid upgrades for every little thing, including addons you do not need
Performance. Their services are below industry standards.

Overall you get what you pay for, low prices for subpar performance but based on a price to performance ratio it really isn’t that bad. You just have to curb your expectations if you decide to commit to choosing iPage. Just know that if you decide to add features to your project, they will try to sell you some sort of upgrade that you might not need so be mindful of that and also if you want site migrations, it’s not free, you’ll have to pay $150 to transfer an existing site to iPage.

It is very hard to recommend iPage‘s services to any business owner since there are other options when it comes to speed and reliability. For someone who just needs a personal blog or a web presence that doesn’t affect their livelihood then iPage could be a good use case but if this is your business then I would look elsewhere.

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