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Business Updates

January 2021 Business Updates

Starting off 2021,I’m going to try a different format for my business update posts. The old way I was doing it seems hard to compare the different platforms that my business is involved in.

Business Update Website stats

So like always let’s take a look at my website. The website (hvxfocus.com) currently has:

  • 33 Published posts
  • 25 Drafts
  • 2 post in the making
january business updates website analytics

Even though I’ve increased the content on my site the numbers of visitors and interactions are down about 37% across the board compared to December but that’s to be expected.

Typically traffic during the early part of the year isn’t that great but content still needs to be made, regardless of the results.

Google AdSense Analytics

I was able to get my first official full month of running ads on my site and earnings are lower than expected, although it makes sense that if you website has 37% less visitors then my chances to make revenue will decease as well.

january business updates adsense reports

It’s still not a good sight to see. I will need to make change to Ad placements and other counter measures to see if I can increase the stats.

Video Platform results

January gains ONLY

PlatformFollowersViewsReachWatch Time
YouTube91923,50011.9 hrs
Facebook225493,32411.9 hrs
(717 mins)
Dailymotion131N/A1.8 hrs

I have doubled the amount of subscribers on YouTube since last month and about 40% more views then I did in December but my watch time has deceased by an hour which leads me to believe that more people are clicking my content but they don’t stay long watch most of my video.

Which leads me to believe I have an engagement issue with my audience. That’s something I need to address as I’m making my videos.

Facebook hasn’t been much better. I did gained 22 Followers but it’s 6 less than December. However I’ve gained about 1,000 audience reach and about 100 more minutes of view time which is not bad but it’s still an increase.

Dailymotion and LBRY have seen some gains but it’s almost negligible but still it’s about a 20% gain in viewership regardless of how small.


January has not been a great month. The business has resulted in a decline across most platforms by around 30% compared to the previous month but I will learn from the analytics and improve on areas that need more work.

I’m currently working on my Email marketing, Social Media Marketing and fine tuning my Patreon. I’m hoping to post the stats for those in the following months Business Updates.

Thanks for reading my Business Updates.

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