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Microsoft Rewards Guide | 2021 | Earn FREE Gift Cards and Xbox Subscriptions

What is Microsoft Rewards?

This is Microsoft’s incentive program for being part of their ecosystem. Just by using their products and services like the Edge Browser, Microsoft store, and the Xbox; you’ll be able to redeem awesome rewards such as Gift Cards to varies companies like Target and Walmart. You’ll also be able to redeem Xbox subscriptions and much more for doing things that you already do, so why not earn some rewards for doing them?

Microsoft Rewards Support and Eligibility

Unfortunately, Microsoft Rewards isn’t offered worldwide so the first thing you need to do is to make sure that Microsoft Rewards is available in your country or region.

Here is a list of countries and regions that are currently supported. Microsoft Rewards is always adding/removing supported countries so be sure you can check for updates by checking THIS LINK.

  • Australia: English
  • Belgium: Dutch and French
  • Brazil: Portuguese
  • Canada: English
  • Canada: French Canadian
  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • Hong Kong: Chinese Traditional and English
  • Ireland: English
  • Italy: Italian
  • Japan: Japanese
  • Mexico: Spanish
  • Netherlands: Dutch
  • New Zealand: English
  • Norway: Norwegian
  • Singapore: English
  • Spain: Spanish
  • Sweden: Swedish
  • Taiwan: Chinese Traditional
  • United Kingdom: English
  • United States: English (Available in all 50 states and in Washington D.C. but NOT available in Puerto Rico.)

What can you get with Microsoft Rewards?

Keep in mind that Points, Activities and Rewards will vary depending on the region and they are always changing. Even the redemption amounts can be different but here is an example of what you can do or get with your rewards in the United States.

And Just to give you an idea of how much of the cost, here is a table. Remember these number can be different depending on your region and the amounts can change. These were the number at the time of writing but I’ll try to keep them as updated as possible.

ItemAmountLevel 1Level 2
Microsoft gift card$2525,00023,000
Walmart gift card$2532,500N/A
ItemAmountLevel 1Level 2
Xbox GOLD subscription3 months24,00020,000
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate3 months42,00035,000
Roblox Credit100 Robux1500N/A

You’ll notice that level 2 discounted cost are only available for Microsoft products. So you’ll get the best bang for your buck if you choose those items.

What is level 2 and how do you get it? So once you’ve earned 500 Microsoft Rewards points you’ve reached level 2. At level 2 you get more discounts and more points per activity that you do. Here is the level breakdown.

microsoft rewards level perks

So it looks like there’s 3 levels but it’s more like 2 and a half levels or 2 levels and a bonus level. Because that so called 3rd level is only if you have a Live Gold subscription and the only difference from level 2 and that bonus level is that you get more points for ever dollar that you spend on the Microsoft store.

And just to give you an idea. I earn about 11,000 – 14,000 points per month. So on average, I earn about 150,000 points a year, which is roughly a $150 gift card for doing the things I would normally do anyway. And we aren’t even talking about the extra points yet…

How to earn Microsoft Rewards points?

There are 3 platforms that you can earn points on.

  1. on a Web Browser
  2. Mobile device
  3. and Xbox Consoles

And there are 3 ways to earn points.

  1. Earn points by making purchases through their stores
  2. Doing activities like browsing the internet
  3. Doing activities on the Xbox Consoles

Regardless of where or how you want to Earn points, you need to register. START BY CLICKING HERE

Earn Points on the Web Browser

View Video for the Walkthrough and Demonstrations.

When you first see the Microsoft Rewards dashboard, before you do anything, you want to select the “Points breakdown” link. A pop up will appear and it will look like this:

microsoft rewards points breakdown

The main ways you’ll see to earn points with Microsoft Rewards is by doing searches on the Edge browser and complete the daily offers which consist of quizzes, polls, and other daily activities on the dashboard. And you’ll see a few other ways to earn rewards but more on that later.

You also notice a Level status on the top of the pop up as well, stating that if you reach level 2 the points you’ll get will be increased for doing the exact same thing we’re about to do. It’s important to keep level 2 status every month so you’ll get more points.

microsoft rewards more activities

So when you first start you’ll see tons of points you can earn on the dashboard under “Quests and punch cards” and “More activities”. And you want to do all of those first, it should only take you a minute or so to do them and doing them will count towards your “PC searches” in the “Points Breakdown”. And from time to time, new activities will be added there for more opportunities for points so don’t forget to check that section everyday for new offers to earn more points.

But the most important way to earn rewards other than Browser searches is the “Daily set” which you’ll see at the top of the dashboard that looks like this:

microsoft rewards daily set

You want to complete these daily sets everyday. Why? because right below the daily set, you’ll see a “Streak bonus”. These bonuses are can be really nice depending on how long your streak is and will help you redeem rewards faster or redeem larger reward amounts. Here is a breakdown of the streaks rewards depending on length:

microsoft rewards streak bonus

You can see that in just your first month you can earn an extra couple hundred bonus points just by maintaining your streak. The longer your streak is the higher the bonus points.

Once you reach the threshold of 150 points for a streak bonus, the bonus points will no longer increase. From here on out you will receive streak bonuses of 150 points every 10 days, no matter how long your streak is, you’ll start to notice this about 37 days into the beginning of your streaks.

There are also badges you can earn by maintaining your streak and by doing other activities. Badges don’t really do anything for you in regards to points. It’s just an achievement and while we are on the subject of badges. Not every region will have badges available to them so you might not see any badges in your account.

It would be nice of Microsoft Rewards to add some kind of reward for people who are dedicated to their products and earning some of these badges like the 999-day daily streak set. That’s over 2 and a half years of logging in every single day and doing the sets. Much props to those that are that dedicated.

The main points and daily routine for Browsers should be to:

  1. Make sure you do the daily sets every day to gain the Streak Bonus
  2. Complete the “Point’s Breakdown”
  3. Do quests and activities

Some Quick TIPs

Subscribe to their news letter. Sometimes, you’ll receive random emails which allows you extra opportunities to earn more points for exploring random things like we did with the Browser version.

You can also install the Microsoft Rewards browser extension to help keep track of your points, activities and earnings without having to go directly to the site. It’s helpful to remind you of any activities that you might have missed during the day and you’ll also get some points just for installing it.

Earn Points on a Mobile Device

Another way you can earn points with Microsoft Rewards is using it on mobile devices. When you first start out. You might not see “Mobile searches” as part of your “Point’s breakdown”. But after you get 500 points, you’ll be level 2 and on the same day, you’ll be able to earn extra points by doing mobile searches are part of the point’s breakdown. But once you meet the requirements you should see the mobile searches in the break down and it’ll look like this:

microsoft rewards level 2 complete

By the way, you can get an easy 500 points just by making Bing your default search engine on your mobile device. And once you reach level 2, most of the time, the points breakdown will reset immediately and you can do it again with the updated thresholds.

So two ways you can earn points on mobile devices.

  1. we just talked about making Bing your default search engine
  2. or download and use the Bing App

The Bing app is available for Android and Apple devices. Both are easy to do and you can find pictured instructions in THIS LINK.

The same principles will apply on Mobile devices. Do your searches and any available activities. And you have extra points!

Add Family members to Earn more Points

See Video for Demonstrations.

Microsoft also allows you to create a Family group. You can add family members to your group and you can set screen time limits, app and game limits, share subscriptions, schedule events and many other cool things but what we are here for is the rewards aspect of it.

microsoft rewards family

You can add up to 20 people to your family account. Just bare in mind that sharing services like Office 365 can be capped by a certain amount of people you can share with within your family.

And the process is pretty easy to start a Family Group.

  1. Go to the Family or Community tab
  2. Create Family Group
  3. Invite Family either by email or Phone number
  4. Wait for them to accept invitation
  5. Go to your family dashboard and approve for them to join
microsoft rewards family add someone

So every person in your Family group could have their own Microsoft Rewards account and their own points. But here’s the cool part, you can request points from your family members.

All members may request up to 10,000 points and requests expire after 90 days. Just bare in mind that you may request 10,000 points but you are only able to receive 5,000 points a month. It just means that your family members have 90 days to give you a total of 10,000 points.

Members who are level 1 can only donate 1000 points a month and level 2 can give 5000 points per month. A great way to help one of the members get to their goal faster and get rewarded. Sharing is Caring!

Get Cash Back to PayPal by Rebates?

Since we are here we might as well talk about Microsoft’s newly added Rebates program since it’s under the rewards umbrella.

This is similar to the ever popular Ebates which is now known as Rakuten. I have an article on how you can get cash back with Rakuten, if you’re interested in reading it.

So essentially, Microsoft has teamed up with various vendors to give you rebates if you purchase a product through Microsoft Rewards rebates and those rebates or cash back gets sent to your PayPal account.

microsoft rewards rebates

It really doesn’t affect your rewards at all unless you buy on the Microsoft Store which then you can get the rebate and the Microsoft Rewards points for making a purchase. I have not tested this yet but in theory this should work. I’ll update this once I confirm it’s validity but it’s just a thought.

By the way, Microsoft Rewards are already partnered with thousands of venders already and more vendors will be available in the future. Here’s to name a few others.

  • Walmart
  • Nvidia
  • CVS
  • Belk
  • Orbitz
  • Shein
  • Express
  • and much, much more…

Earn Points on an Xbox Console

And last but certainly not least, you can earn Microsoft rewards for playing games. It’s really easy to get started.

  1. Login into your Xbox (preferably, using the same account as your rewards)
  2. Download & install the Microsoft Rewards app
  3. Launch the app and browse for ways to earn
microsoft rewards on xbox earn more

Once you are in the app, you can browse through the many different ways to earn points like watching a trailer, checking out a game, earning an achievement in a game or making a purchase. Pretty similar to how getting points on the Browser works.

microsoft rewards on xbox points

I can tell you that I don’t play games everyday. But I am a Weekend Warrior! And I can usually get 100-300 Microsoft rewards points a week just by casually playing on the weekends.

And just like the browser you can get streak bonuses too which you would need to download the Xbox App and open it 3 times a week as part of the Weekly set. It’s just as easy as the Browsers version Daily set.

Check your Email for Points and Sweepstake Entries

If you opted in to receive notifications via email, Microsoft Rewards will send you information and more opportunities to earn points and free entries into some of their sweepstakes so make sure to check your emails if you want more points.


The whole point of Microsoft Rewards is to continuously engage in their ecosystem and products. So the longer and more continuously you stay with their ecosystem, the more you’re rewarded.

Microsoft Rewards has evolved throughout the years and I have to say that the rewards are harder to earn. For instance, the threshold to reach level 2 was only 300 points instead of 500 which is almost double the requirement. I’m also starting to notice the rewards are getting smaller in monetary increments like Xbox subscriptions use to have a 12 month variants instead of only 3 months.

It sounds like they are trying to do away with GOLD subscriptions pushing for their more expensive Game Pass Ultimate subscription instead but that’s a discussion for a different time. AND some vendors no longer have level 2 discounts like they used to, which I thought was awesome and I hope they bring it back.

While this is by no means a deal breaker, it does make the program a little less valuable to those that have been with Microsoft Rewards for a long time but if you are new then you won’t notice the difference.

Microsoft Rewards points will expire if there are no earning activities within 18 months. So if you don’t earn any points for 18 months then the points will expire.

Microsoft Rewards is still a great way to earn some rewards if you are invested in their ecosystem. If you are someone who actively uses Bing, you can easily earn rewards for things that you are already doing so why not get rewarded for doing it?

Just by using Bing on the browser and on my phone everyday, I can earn around 13,000 points per month. And I only use it for less than 5 mins a day! I can earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards in no time all and it doesn’t cost me a thing! (well, aside for things that I already own)

And that’s not talking about points I get from Family Groups or the Xbox console.

Reality is, it’s not going to make you rich but I can tell you that it sure does help me get those extra things in my life without feeling guilty. So give Microsoft Rewards a try for yourself, what do you have to lose?

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