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Snappa 2021 | Create Awesome Images for your Social Media

Snappa is an online tool that is catered to non-designers that still want to be able to create interesting and intuitive content for social media platforms and websites. Even if you are fluent in design, this tool can definitely save you a lot of time by using their library of premade templates. I’m going to go through Snappa and show you how you can use this tool to create images for your Social Media Profiles, Websites and create thumbnails for your videos.

First thing you need to do is register with Snappa. The process is simple and you don’t need any payment information when you register unless you want to get the PRO version right away.

Check out the video to see the COMPLETE Step-by-Step tutorial if you want a visual.

Snappa | FREE vs PAID

Alright we are here at the prices page and it’s pretty straight forward. The main things that differ from the paid version and the free version are right here. The major and obvious one is the Unlimited downloads vs the 3 per month that you get with the free version.

And with the pro version you can connect your social media and integrate or post your graphics directly to your social media accounts without having to leave the Snappa page. You can add custom fonts that you may have and you can remove image backgrounds which can be extremely helpful if you only want to use a certain part of the image, which would have been helpful for us earlier.

And you have a Team version which has everything the Pro version has but you can add up to 5 users that can see your saved images and help make changes. For any reason you are not happy with their service, they do offer a 30 day refund, so keep that in mind if you do decide to purchase one of their paid plans.

So you can see the prices on the screen and keep in mind those are yearly or annual prices. If you click on the switch up here you can see the monthly price if you so choose that option. Basically, you save 33% if you purchase the entire year upfront versus the monthly payment.


And I would say the prices are reasonable for what you get with the PRO version. It’s pretty competitive if not cheaper than a few of their competitors. As far as the free version goes, the main thing that falls short to competitors’ free version is the limited amount of downloads that you get but the trade off is that you get free transparent backgrounds without having to upgrade.

And I get it, but you have to kind of pick and choose your battles here.

Snappa is fairly intuitive and easy to use. It took me a while to create the images because I wanted to break down some of the processes of the service and help you guys understand some of the nuances.  But after you get used to the layout and utilize their premade templates you can create these images in just a few minutes. 

The hardest part of this isn’t the service itself, it’s the design process and that’s why I wanted to walk you guys through not only the service itself but to also give you some ideas to design your own graphics.

A couple of points that I hope Snappa improves upon. I would like them to implement shadows and offsets for all of the Icons and Vectors. I actually use them quite often and I would like to see that get implemented. I would like to see the Crop & rotate feature for not just the Graphics sections but for background images as well.

The amount of presets they have works really well for the most part but I would like to see a few more preset templates for more platforms but it’s not a big deal since I can customize the size myself. And maybe download options that allow for higher resolutions other than HD, like 4K resolutions. And I wouldn’t say these are negatives but I’m just nitpicking because I sometimes want it for certain projects but honestly it’s not a need, just a wish list.

As far as recommendations go, You guys can already guess that I personally use this service for my needs and I am definitely not sponsored by Snappa to make this video but even if I was, my views and opinions haven’t changed. 

What I can say is to just try out their free version first and make some free custom images for yourself and if it’s something that’s going to fit your needs and you want to be able to use all its features in the long term then go with the Paid versions. 

If you do decide to get the paid version then do consider using my Snappa Affiliate Link. It costs you nothing to use and if you do make a purchase then I will receive a commission for it. And it really helps supports me, so thanks in advance.

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