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What Financial Freedom means to ME

Financial Freedom and Financial Independence are typically use in conjunction with one another. And that is completely fine because the definition of both are very subjective. It could mean one thing to one person and something different to the next person.

My Story

Let’s do a quick flashback and let me explain to you my story. I am currently an Engineer, working the typically 9-5 with some overtime. Everyday I would go into work, do my time and go home. I was pretty content with my Job but as far as “Happy”? Eh, I think like most people, you can only be so happy when it comes to working for a company. But that in itself is also subjective but if you’re here this then you are probably in the same shoes as I am.

By March 2020, Covid-19 started to make headlines and made it way to the news outlets all over the world. By April, some companies were urged and mandated to make their employees practice social distancing. This eventually led to working from home for me and the same thing for so many others.

As time went on, it lead to many uncertainties and questions. When would I be able to return to normal work or will I be working from home, indefinitely? What accommodations would I need to make the transitions? And then for some odd reason I questioned my Job security. Will the Job be the same when everything goes back to normal? Will I still have my job?! Is it enough for me and family? Is there something I can do about it? Typical paranoia sets in as you start to feel the pressure of being stuck indoors too often and too long.

In these uncertain times, I decided to take action and not leave my future in the hands of the company that I worked for, instead I wanted my future to be determined by my own hands. Sure, people have been able to do just fine working their 9-5 and make a nice living off of it too but I started to think that it’s not for me. And that’s when I started to think how I can achieve these endeavors? How can I be Free?

Financial Independence VS Financial Freedom

I’m probably going to get some flak for this but this is my interpretation. When I think of Financial Independence, I usually think about the F.I.R.E. movement, which is Financial Independence Retire Early. Chris Hogan from the Dave Ramsey show has a really good article that you can read HERE.

The typical person that is part of the FIRE movement will prioritize these things:

  • Aggressively Pay off their debt
  • Live frugally
  • Work as much as possible
  • Aggressively save money
  • Invest as much as possible
  • When investments cover all expenses then retire
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I’ve witness this first hand. My father is Financially Independent. He worked a pain-staking hard job and long hours in a Steel Mill for 26 Years. Saved all his money and invested almost every cent that he made. When the company decided to move it’s business out of the country and with everything paid off, he decided to it was time to retire at 50 years old. This was probably back in 2009 and granted I wouldn’t call this early retirement in today’s standards but it is earlier then the typical retirement age. Needless to say, we didn’t get to see my father very much during those times but we understood why he put in the all the hard work.

But I wanted to play a bigger role in my family’s lives and I wanted to dedicate more of my resources to my family while still maintaining my freedom.

I think the F.I.R.E method is really good if you are single because if you have someone that is financially dependent on you it makes it difficult. For instance, if you have young children, it’s harder to maintain the balance in regards to your children’s financial needs and keeping consistent with the F.I.R.E. movement but that’s not to say that’s it impossible, it just posses a challenge to overcome. But then again, it’s hard to do anything if you have someone that is financially dependent on you.

What Financial Freedom means to ME

Financial Freedom can have some similarities but to me it has some important differences. For the most part I think the person seeking Freedom isn’t as necessary frugal and isn’t necessarily trying to retire early. To me, the whole point of Financial Freedom is having the freedom to choose who you want to work for, when you want to work and how you want to work. Not to say that you can’t do that with Independence but consistency and longevity is more focused, especially since it’s more aggressive in paying off debt, savings and investments.

If you take Financial Freedom at its face value, it just means you are free to be a little more lenient in making a purchase or spending money without it affecting your livelihood. Your outlook of financial freedom may take a different road than mines. Maybe for you, its breaking free from your 9 to 5 job, maybe it’s to not stress about your finances or it could be just to retire. What is your definition of Financial Freedom?

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Basically, for me to achieve my Financial Freedom. I plan to Free myself from the shackles of my 9 to 5 by building my business(s). Create multiple streams of income and automate it as much as possibly to make more time for myself and more importantly… My Family.

In my financial freedom, I don’t really plan to retire super early but I want to be able to “Live in the Now” all the while having the freedom of financials without relying on company for a pension. It may be a rough road but it’s going to be well worth it in the end.

This is also a bit of an introduction to this site. I plan on building many affiliate marketing sites, utilize video media platforms as well as social media to grow the business. If this is something that right up your alley then come follow me on my journey as I show you everything that I do to reach my goals so that you can duplicate it for yourself and reach YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


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