How to find a niche
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2 Great Examples to Find a NICHE

How to find a Niche

I want to share with you on how I found my niche but if you want the full story then you can check out my article on Financial Freedom. To make a long story short, I got tired of my 9-5 job and I wanted something I can call my own but don’t make no mistake, I’ve put more time and effort into this than any job I ever had especially since this is all new to me.

After many failed attempts, I found myself on Affiliate Marketing and I thought to myself I could use this to build by business. After some brainstorming on a bunch of different niches that I wanted to promote, I finally settled on a product, specifically Gaming Products.

After many months of research and building an affiliate marketing business, I got the thinking. Man, there are a lot of things that I need to do to get this affiliate marketing business going and tons of caveats that I had no idea about. Well what if I do affiliate marketing on affiliate marketing?

So I went back to the drawing board and asked myself, “What is my goal?” My goal is Financial Freedom. OK, that’s pretty vague and as I did more research on Financial Freedom, I realized how big this topic was so I had to keep asking myself these questions. “How do you plan on achieving this goal?” Well, I’m going to Build a Website. “Why would anyone come to my business?” Well because I can help them build an affiliate marketing business. “Well, how can I help them with that?” I can provide them with tools to help them create their own affiliate marketing business. And right there is where I also got the idea of documenting my experience as I’m creating this business that you are seeing right now.

And the questions keep coming like a snowball effect. “What tools are out there? What is the cost? How to advertise? And I kept asking myself these questions and I found answers to them. By doing this, I started to see the big picture. I started to see all the topics I could talk about. I started to see my goal more clearly and the steps that I needed to take to reach it.

Example | Narrowing down your Niche

I want to give you guys a few examples to find a niche. I’m going to go to to show you an example. Let’s say you want to talk about Electronics. What kind of electronics? Computers.

What kind of computers? Computer Components? Computer accessories? Software? Computer Components.

This looking better but there’s still too much to talk about and it’s still very broad. Let see where else we can niche it down to.

Ok this point you could narrow it down even further but I think this is narrow enough. But you could narrow it down to Graphics Cards as well.

Just to reiterate. You certainly can go as broad or narrow as you want to in your niche but when you are starting out you really should narrow it down to maybe 3 or 4 layers of categories in your niche as we did in the example.

A couple of things that I want you to take away from this. The first thing is that don’t be afraid to explore your niches, don’t limit yourself to one style, keep an open mindset as you are making your decision on which niche resonants with you. And regardless of what your niche may be, you always want to focus on your audience because without them you won’t be able to grow. So always ask, “How does this niche help your audience?” What exactly problem does it solve? If you can answer these questions and then find a way to relay that information to your audience where it resonates then you know you are going in the right direction.

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